вторник, 6 мая 2014 г.

Домашняя работа по англ. языку

  1. My biggest success is my journey to Thailand. When that happenned I was really happy . I will never forget It. It happenned 2 years ago . Before that i was in some other countries so I wasn't really excited but in the middle of the trip I understood that It's something different.
  2. Every day I get up at 7 a.m. That's a very good success! I can't remember all my small successes but I think that we do a lot of useful actions which can be called successful.
  3. As for me , success is not just money . It's my family , my friends . But money playing a big part in success because they are really important in everyday life.
  4. I think that destination is a success. We follow aim to finish It. Sometimes a journey is more interesting then destination but It's not really important . 
  5. The formula is very easy . Hard work , luck and money .You need all this components to be successful. You can work really hard and have a lot of money but without luck you won't be successful.
  6. Yes It does .But sometimes you reach a goal sacrificing many things. In that time you are feeling bad.
  7. Yes! When you see successful people you think why you can't be like them . It motivates you to wark harder and follow your targets.
  8. Not really . I'm too young to do that . Maybe sometimes I can give good  advice but that's all I can do.
  9. Yes , I agree with that statement. Both of this processes are really important. 
  10. That's true. Sometimes you are not ready to handle fails because they are really hard. On the other hand , successes can be really harmful. For example star fever.