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Head and neck of a dragon. She has spikes on her scaly curved neck and antler-like projections over her eyes.1.Eragon
This trilogy of books is about young man Eragon.Eragon is a fifteen-year-old boy who lives with his uncle Garrow and cousin Roran on a farm near the village of Carvaholl.During his hunt, he by chance finds an unusual stone that appeared from nowhere.Soon the beautiful blue dragon hatches from it and at this moment his adventures begin.Eragon becomes out of a simple villager into a dragon Rider and finds a mentor in the person of Brom, who takes on the responsibility to teach Eragon.But who is this Brom really?

2. The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games is a science fiction novel by the American writer Suzanne Collins.In a short time the book became a bestseller trilogy, the first two novels were almost two years in the list of best-selling books in the United States.The Hunger Games is a science fiction novel by the American writer Suzanne Collins. It is written about 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives in the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem in North America. The Capitol, a highly advanced metropolis, exercises political control over the rest of the nation. The Hunger Games are an annual event in which one boy and one girl aged 12–18 from each of the twelve districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle to the death.
The book received mostly positive feedback from major reviewers and authors, including authors Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer. It was praised for its storyline and character development.

3.Harry Potter
Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling.The book is a chronicle of the adventures of young wizard Harry Potter and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, enrolled in the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwarts. The main plot is dedicated to confront Harry and the dark wizard Lord Volan de Mort, whose purpose is the acquisition of immortality and the enslavement of the wizarding world.

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  1. Pasha, thanks a lot for your blurbs!
    I might be interested in the second book as I've geard quite a lot about it,

    But... is this blurb written by you? Have you used any reviews to write it? :)