среда, 9 апреля 2014 г.

Домашнее задание по англ. языку

1. He is so determined that he sometimes does not see people in front of him.
2. He's bluffing, look how he bites his lip.
3. Only arrogant people behave better not to deal with him.
4. Go easy on him, he is reserved person.
5. What he energetic, look what he doing something incredible.
6. Enough to touch your hair better go wash them.
7. Stop being so serious, it's time to relax
8. What a witty joke, I'll write it.
9.  He looks how obsessed, we need to distract him.
10. These girls giggle like fools.
Description of my friend
I want to tell you about my close friend. At first , he seems reserved but , when you get to know him , you realise he's really sociable  . He's good at analysing and debating problems so sometimes he helps me.In my opinion , he is bright person because he is very determined and dedicated with his aim. Although , he is meticulous to details. If something goes wrong, he will protest against this. Sometimes , he tends to be slightly dreamy but it happens not very often. When he playing sport he became very competitive . It's really important for him to win everywhere. Now you know my friend.

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  1. Thanks for you work!
    However, there are some mistakes. Let's start with the sentences.
    Sentence 2: You've used Present Simple. Do you want to say he does it all the time?
    S.3 does not seem logical.
    S.4 Articles!
    S5 Mind the grammar and punctuation.
    S6-7 Is it a google translation? Because I know you can do it much better!