вторник, 11 марта 2014 г.

Домашняя работа по англ.языку на 12.03.14

1. I see that my country is in the middle of the graph. The biggest part of it is in 65-70 years and 10000-20000 income per person.
2.The biggest inequality is in the difference between rich and poor. The rich are getting the best care, conditions, service.But, of course, the level of development of medicine to my country is very high.
3.There are a lot of vaccine-preventable diseases in my country . But the most harmful diseases are smoking, alcoholism and obesity. To prevent them people are have to start caring about themselves, their health. They have to finish smoking , eat fast food and start doing regular exercise.
4. The government should spend more money on health care, create social programs to promote healthy lifestyle.
5. As i said earlier they should do regular exercise , eat healthy food , throw bad habits .That will make them lots healthier.
In my opinion the volunteers do the right thing. Every year they save thousands of lives. And thanks to them that people live a long and happy life.They understand that the level of health care in the country is very low so that only volunteers can help people.Volunteers survey the people, diagnose the disease and provide the right treatment.These people are doing the right thing!

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