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Essay. Cigarettes should be made illegal.

   More then 5 millions people die over the world each year from smoking related illnesses.Why are they still not banned? Cigarettes should be illegal because they are a powerful and addicting drug that are very harmful to the people who smoke them, the people who inhale second hand smoke, and the environment.
   In my opinion, cigarettes are have to be banned. First of all, they consist of chemical components that make a bad influence on the human body.The most important impact that smoking has on people - it's lung disease Secondly, passive smoking affects the people around the smoker. We think that it's OK but it's not true. Furthermore, smoke that the smoker exhales destroy the ozone layer of the Earth. Do you want to bring the apocalypse?
   Some people say that there is no need to ban cigarettes. They say that they help people to relax and the person must choose what to do by himself.
   I cannot agree with them. Smoking in any case affect the others, so it should be banned.
   To sum up , although my oppinion is not the sollution to all problems and i don't think cigarettes will be banned at all. Because of that , i think government should do something to solve this problems. Enough to spoil your health and the health of others!

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