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Диалог по англ.языку на 13.03.14

Reducing smoking , drinking and drug-taking
A: I found the statistics about our country. That's so bad! Even rich people are unhealthy.The reason for that is that people don't care about their health!
B: It's not that easy. The fact is that people can't stop smoking and drinking because they're addicted. That's why i think that society have to do something to reduce this bad habbits.
A: People don't want to be helped. They think they can solve their problems by themself. 
B: So , what about alchohol and drugs? How people can give up harmful habits like this? Attachment to these habits...
A: Yes , I'm agree that they are really harmful.
B: Could you let me finish , please? Damn! I forgot what I wanted to say.
A: We were talking about reduction of smoking , drinking and drug-taking.
B: Yeah! Someone have to do something! Government should make social adverts or social programs to solve this problems.
A: Society can help too. People need to protect their children from these things.
B: You right , my friend!

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